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Solution Case Studies

Personal Ministries

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We were approached by a retired senior minister with a need to produce high-quality training for a growing group of minsters who understood the need for his wisdom.

We offered him a compact and efficient method of delivery, as well as a delivery platform with a scalable e-commerce platform that allows him to introduce his products and training with easy to access media for his constituents.

We handcrafted and engineered services that were 360 degrees in with media creation, content and payment and he never had to handle a dime. He just sat back and monitored his account and continued to motivate others and focus on ministry.

Church Ministry

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ABC Church’s pastor is a very busy individual and travels without notice but is home on Sundays. We designed a Livestream service delivery system for those busy members who were engaged during the day for weekly Bible Study and sometimes Worship Services.

Unlike a lot of streaming services, we enlarged their audience reach by broadcasting on not one, but several social media platforms simultaneously with the added professional media production value with lower thirds, open and closings and logo bug on a live production. Viewership has increased by 30% in the first month. They came back and we added simple E-commerce solutions for a 20% increase in donations.

Man are they happy!

Funeral Service


XYZ Funeral Home’s director called us in a pitch. For a solution for the issue concerning restriction for final services for a family facing the restriction of 10 or less and the multitude of family and friends who can not attend the final services for a loved one.

We provided live streaming of the service with the option of an invitation-only viewing. They also have the option of releasing the service to the public at their discretion.

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